Here at Sterling Group Insurance, because we are independent we can work for you. We have relationships several A+ rated companies for you to choose from for your personal auto insurance needs. So we can find the right coverage for you, with a financially sound company that will be there when you have a claim. We also have relationships with several commercial auto insurance carriers, making it so we are able do commercial or personal auto insurance. To receive an auto insurance quote please fill out the form below. Or you can click here to get our contact info!

Have questions about what auto insurance coverages are required? Is minimum coverage enough? Click here to read about what the minimum coverages mean for your state!

Did you know that the term “full coverage” is not a fixed set of coverages? So it is actually a combination of coverages that can be mixed and matched and changed. Also, even if you have all the options and the highest limits, there are still restrictions, and limitations making it where something might not be fully covered. Click here to read more about what it means to have “full coverage”.

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