Anything can happen on the road, and water protect your RV & Boat with proper insurance.

Here at Sterling Group Insurance, we are independent, so we can work with some of the best RV & boat insurers in the nation. We can cover your RV or boat if you only use it every once in a while, if you are full timer, or even if it is your permanent residence.

RV Insurance

In some cases your RV can be covered by you auto insurance. But there are many different coverage option for your RV, and not all of them can be covered on a personal auto policy. If you are not sure what exactly you need, click here for an article that will help you understand some of your option. Or you can fill out the form below to visit with an expert about what you need.

Boat Insurance

Did you know in some cases the liability for your boat can be included on your homeowners insurance? But it might not offer you all the coverage you want. Click here to learn more about the basics of boat insurance.

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